Concierge Services

The word Concierge is derived from the French phrase "comte des cierges", or "keeper of the candles", who took care of visiting noblemen in medieval castles. Over time, the concierge eventually came to be known as the person in charge of the keys at hotels and other public buildings.

Recruited primarily from the hospitality industry, our concierges undergo the same rigorous selection process and pre-assignment training as our security officers. In addition to basic security services training, however, each concierge receives intensive instruction in customer service, telephone etiquette, and the value of discretion. Through the dedication and commitment of our staff, we strive to make your environment as pleasant as possible.

Our concierge services are typically delivered 24-hours per day, seven days per week, in high-end residential properties ranging from small, exclusive condominium associations to large, high traffic apartment buildings. In addition to performing basic access control services and providing directions to local shops and restaurants, Palladion personnel secure dinner reservations, process requests for dry cleaning and may even serve as a building's point person for property management requests. You see, by providing services that extend well beyond your four walls, Palladion demonstrates a higher level of care for the people who reside within them.