About Palladion

Founded in 1997, Palladion Services, LLC is a full-service company in the contract concierge services and security services industry. Palladion’s primary line of business is creating and implementing customized concierge or security services programs for luxury residential or Class A commercial customers located throughout Eastern Massachusetts. 

At Palladion, we view our services as building amenities, ones that enhance each property in our care. By focusing exclusively on high-end properties, Palladion understands that each building is unique, with a distinct personality and specific service requirements. As such, Palladion creates and implements customized service programs that meet each building’s specific needs.

In our concierge services program, for example, where we serve residents at many of Boston’s most exclusive properties, our team members not only provide helpful information regarding neighborhood amenities, and assist with transportation to and from, they are also well-trained in building protocols. Our goal is to make your home as pleasant as possible. Through our actions- the involvement of our ownership, the commitment of our management team and the exceptional performance of our front-line service professionals- we demonstrate the value of our service programs to each Customer in our care. For something so important, you deserve nothing less.

Owner to Owner Involvement

Palladion Services, LLC is owned and managed by Richard M. Primrose, its founder and President. Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University and an M.B.A. from  Harvard Business School. Prior to founding Palladion, Rick worked as a senior executive for a national provider of contract security services, becoming ultimately responsible for service quality at key accounts throughout the United States.

In founding Palladion, Rick sought to create a full-service company where senior managers remain close to their customers; a company where experience and best practices, gained on the national level, are focused on meeting each Customer’s unique needs; a company with a passion for service. Today, almost twenty years later, Palladion remains a Boston-based, customer-focused service business that targets the market’s high end and Rick remains actively involved with each account in its care.

Owner to Owner involvement both distinguishes our Company and defines our commitment to our customers. While rare by today's standards, such a commitment is common at Palladion: it comes with ownership and provides you with a higher standard of care.

Senior Management

Paul A. Chicarello, Vice President, assists Rick with the design and management of Palladion’s customized service programs. With an undergraduate degree from Harvard University, an M.B.A. from Harvard University and twenty-five years of senior management experience in the contract concierge and security services industry, Paul maximizes his time at the point of service providing each program with the leadership necessary for success.

With over ten over ten years of experience with the company, Colleen E. Sanborn is Palladion's Assistant Vice President. Colleen leads the company's personnel/recruiting efforts, resolves any/all technology integration issues and manages the company's service quality at a select portfolio of accounts. Colleen is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. While at Northeastern, Colleen captained the Women's Ice Hockey Team. 

As the most tangible evidence of our commitment to you, either Paul or Colleen will lead your service program. As such, with Palladion, you will always have an experienced, single point of contact (and a supporting management team) that is both motivated and empowered to make every decision necessary to serve your building and its residents.