Security Services

 At Palladion, we believe that a security services company is only as good as its people. As a result, we strive to employ and retain those individuals most qualified to hold positions of trust and responsibility. To meet our standards, and to honor your trust, each prospective security officer undergoes one of the most thorough pre-employment selection processes in the security services industry.

The second key element of our operating strategy is to empower our security officers with the knowledge necessary to excel in both routine security settings and emergency response situations. To gain such knowledge, each prospective security officer receives intensive pre-assignment training. Our basic pre-assignment training curriculum includes general security topics, customer service modules and sessions tailored to meet our customer's needs. All training is conducted in a classroom setting by a qualified instructor. At the conclusion of this session, each prospective officer is required to pass a written competency exam.

Once assigned to a customer's facility, but prior to assuming active duty, each security officer receives extensive assignment specific, in-service training. This training, conducted by one of the Company's managers or the Senior Site Supervisor, thoroughly familiarizes the officer with all of the duties and responsibilities endemic to his or her particular assignment. Documentation of this training is contained in each officer's permanent personnel file. Throughout their career with Palladion, our officers receive periodic, specialized in-service training to augment their security service skills. At Palladion, training is our responsibility; learning is the measure of our success.

To maximize the return on your investment, one of Palladion's Senior Managers will remain actively involved in all aspects of service delivery. They will lead the transition process, participate in training and conduct unannounced inspections of assigned personnel throughout the length of the relationship. Having one point of contact provides your program with the direction it requires to excel. While rare by today's standards, this level of involvement is common at Palladion and provides you with a higher standard of care.